How this Juice Ritual Helped

Me Reclaim My Body and Life

My Amazing Transformation Story

Hi, my name is Susan. Single Mom of 3 beautiful Children.

I just recently came across a way to get my old self back…

Back in my 20s and 30s it was so easy.

I used to

  • Have energy that lasted all day

  • Easily get away with eating burgers, fries, pizza and ice cream

  • Never gain an ounce no matter what I ate

  • Maintain a trim figure without going to the gym at all

  • Feel confident in my clothes, and my swimsuit!

  • But that changed... Somewhere in my early 40s.

But that changed... Somewhere in my early 40s.

After 40 EVERYTHING Went Downhill. Fast.

After I had my 3 kids and got into my 30s, I was in survival mode. My body was going through changes, and everything seemed to be going downhill! I felt like I was stuck. I had tried everything. I felt hopeless until one humiliating experience changed everything.

My beautiful family had just moved into our new home. My husband, our 3 kids and I were excited to start our new adventure and new life.

We invited family and neighbors over for a backyard barbeque and to get to know the new neighbors and show off the house. I was so excited to make new friends and have a fresh start. Everything seemed to be going perfectly.

I met so many lovely people from the neighborhood, I felt I was going to connect with so many women. As I got my food and went to sit down in a circle with some new friends in the neighborhood.

I sat down in my chair and got stuck. I tried to stand with a big food of plate in my hands. I began to laugh because the chair came with me. Everyone looked over at me and I giggled some more as I tried to get loose holding my plate of food. There were a few giggles from others sitting around.

I lost my balance and began to fall backwards. Everyone gasped as I was forced to sit back down stuck in the chair as the legs snapped from the impact, The chair completely shattered as I collapsed to the ground and the big plate of food spilled all over me.

I Was Devastated! I Laid There in Shock!

My Heart Sank!!! I Was So Embarrassed!! I Finally Had Enough!

Was this what I had become? My heart sank, I didn’t want to move as I lay there so embarrassed.

When I finally decided to open my eyes. I saw my husband over me with sadness is his eyes. He was worried, but there was another look in his eyes and I couldn’t tell if he was embarrassed for me or embarrassed that his wife had let herself go and this was happening.

He asked if I was okay and tried to pick me up quickly. But as he strained, he could not get me up. My brother came over to assist and two strong men helped me get to my feet.

As I looked around, I could see concern in everyone’s faces. No one knew what to do or say. They were paralyzed.

But embarrassment took over as my face turned red with everyone looking. I never felt so heavy, I couldn’t move, who was I? How did I get to this point? I looked over at my daughter and felt so ashamed. I could see she was concerned, but also embarrassed as she stood there with her friend.

I slowly felt the emotions move through me as I began to cry! Family rushed over to comfort me. They guided me to another chair and I bawled. I didn’t want to sit down again. After the most humiliating experience I have had.

My tailbone and my back were in pain, but the emotional pain was far more severe. I told them I was going inside. I looked at my husband. Thoughts rushed into my mind. Why is he still with me? He is probably so embarrassed and ashamed.

I am sure he is disgusted. I ruined this opportunity to make new friends in the neighborhood.

It wouldn’t take long for my embarrassing story to get out. I walked into my room and slammed the door. I stood there in shock. I started to walk towards my bed and then saw myself in the bathroom mirror. I stared at myself deeply, food all over me and then I went deeper and looked at my body.

Anger rushed through me!!! How did I get to this point? More anger filled me as I looked myself directly in the eyes and said “ENOUGH” No more, it’s time for a change.

I deserved so much more than this. I was determined to find a way. But how?

I had tried every fad diet out there!!

I had little success, Keto, Atkins, juicing, paleo, cleanses, I spent hours at the gym and had little success.

I would drop 10lbs here, 15 -20lbs there, but it always came back, plus more. Nothing was working. I felt defeated. I felt hopeless.

The Time Had Come To Get The "REAL ME" Back!

The anger and determination turned into deep sadness as I fell into bed with food all over the front of me. As I laid there crying, I felt overwhelmed and so down. I am at a loss, scared and so heavy. Then, I heard a gentle knock.

My new friend Jessica from the neighborhood that I met just a week ago came into the room and saw my puffy eyes. She leaned over to hold me and comfort me. I vented and she listened.

When I finished my emotional outburst, there was a thoughtful silence.

“Susan, honey, this is the most stressed I’ve ever seen you. I want to see you healthy and happy! Can I recommend you something?”

“Ha, like what? A way to disappear? A bottle of wine?’ I retorted.

Jessica didn’t laugh. A serious look washed over her face.

A former nurse, I figured she would tell me what I already know about limiting my consumption of processed foods, staying active, and watching my salts and sugars.

Susan, she said more seriously. I struggled with the same thing and now I am down over 70. She looked at me seriously and said, I think you should watch this video.

She told me her story. Showed me some pictures of herself just 6 months ago. She looked just like me, but now SHE WAS LIVING IT ! She recommended a new “Juice Ritual” that you drink before breakfast.

There is no changing your diet. Long grueling fitness routine, calorie counting, rigorous routine, eliminating sugar completely.

My Doctor's Visit Did Not Go As Expected ...


--My Energy Has Skyrocketed

--I am Sleeping Better Than Ever

--My Self-Esteem Is Higher

--My Blood Pressure is Lower

--My Blood Sugar Is Lower

--My Love Life is on Fire!!

--And Most Importantly I am No Longer Scared to Sit on Chairs

--And My Confidence is Through the Roof.

My Doctor's Visit Did Not Go As Expected ...

So please, take a minute right now to check out the video below. This is the exact same one Jessica sent me and it Helped me take back control of my life.

I am not sure how long this video will be available.

Just hurry before the “health and wellness industry” forces them to take the video down. If enough people use this method and take back control of their health… then a lot of so-called “experts” will be out of business….

On top of that...

I feel younger. Dropping the excess baggage and feeling full of energy has given me a new lease on life. I feel like I am 30 again.

I don't crave snacks any more. I can eat meals and feel satisfied. I'm not constantly back and forward to the kitchen looking for the next thing I can put in my mouth.

In saying that, I do enjoy my favorite foods still. I'm definitely not eating "rabbit-food"!

My blood sugar levels are more stable, and I have sustained energy through the day. No peaks and troughs.

Imagine If I'd Been Too Skeptical To Try This!

When I first learned of this Juice Ritual, I could easily have been skeptical.

I am so glad now that I wasn't.

I absolutely love who I have become. I feel like the "REAL ME" is back. She was gone such a long time.

I have confidence that my health is now moving in the right direction, and that I will be around for my daughter. And one day... be able to run around after my grandchildren!

All because I learned about this Juice Ritual.

I started to get a lot of questions from my friends and family, and I got tired of having the same conversation over and over again.

So I just now give them a link to the same information that I was given.

I have no control over this video.

There was talk that it might be taken down due to a big pharmaceutical company that is trying to keep this method from being shared.

But last time I checked it was still up ... Check it out for yourself.

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